Live painting w/ Gabriel


No longer at the Goldsmith Building

We did a nice piece for the 24th for The Portland Underground show...We kinda rushed it, but it was still real nice.

The show at Suite 100 is ending this week, so those of you that haven't checked it out yet, make sure you get out there and see it.

Some big news: LBP is no longer located IN the Goldsmith Building. Chalk it up to politics, just like it always is. Here's the lowdown, our landlord was asking us about renting some of our live painting pieces for an event he was planning. We never gave him a definite answer simply becuase he never told us when it was. He then caught me when I was at my studio and asked me about getting them that weekend. Once again I didn't give him an answer because we had to set a price as to how much we would allow him to rent them. So the day that we we're heading to Seattle for the Happily Ever After show I called him up and let him know that we would let him hang them for $50 per painting - perfectly reasonable. He then told me that it was rediculous that I charge him a total of $150 to rent our paintings, to simply cover damages.
Then he told us that he no longer wanted us in the building and to get out simply for the fact that "he didn't like us" - WHAT!?! He then gave no real answer other than he didn't like us when I felt that was not a good enough reason to want us to leave and no longer reside in his building. He then told us that we were 'taking advantage' of the situation. He then also revoked his deal with us to paint a very large mural in the new entrance of the building.

This was really not something I understood from a man that supposedly "supports the local art scene". Shouldn't he support our business then? There shouldn't be any problem what so ever with paying less than 10% of each painting.

The next day when Mensen and I were hanging our pieces at the 100 Gallery, I got a call from, guess who? David Gold, apologizing for kicking us out of our studio. I really could not believe he had the balls to do so. So I told him no deal and that we were leaving at the end of the month.
David Gold gets our big Asshole of the Month Award! I suggest anyone thinking of getting a studio at the Goldsmith Building (20 NW 5th Ave., Portland, OR) strongly rethink doing business with a man who does not actually support the arts, but only wants to have his name boosted with the false pretenses of supporting art.

Peace, ZeeS

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Mr. Hawthorne said...

Wow, he sounds like a dick. Good luck, my man.