Live painting w/ Gabriel


A big update!!

So this month we had our piece in the opening of the "New Scenery" show at Upper Playground.
It was a good turn out. LBP don't really go to too many gallery openings so we shaked our asses to Omega Watts in the corner w/ our crew.

Ultimately, the painting turned out really well. It wound up being 5ft x 5ft, and everyone loved it. I loved Ashley Montague's piece, as always, he delivers. But we didn't stay long..WE HAD TO MAKE IT TO THE FEZ!!
Where we painted our asses off to some of that PDX hip-hop. Thanks to Phil. He worked really hard and gave us the opportunity to paint a really large piece.


Some time in the near future, we're going to kick off the opening of the new Legal Bee Studio. For those who know where we work so hard on the U.P. painting, its just upstairs. For those of you who dont. Come check us out at the Goldsmith Building, 20 NW 5th Ave. Suite 208. Portland, OR. Our Schedules are screwy, but our hours will most likely be Thursday - Sunday 12pm-6pm

Peace Ya'LL


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