Live painting w/ Gabriel


Our New Things...

At the end of last month we signed a pretty little contract with Berbati's Pan. We completed 2 previous shows there and Anthony loved our work. So we have already completed one show at Berbati's on the 10th of March. Here's a look at the finished piece.

The 2 previous shows were put on by Hip-Hop Anonymous/ Portland Underground.

This is from the Feb 8th show:

The following show on Feb. 24th was split with artist Gabriel. He created a great background while we planted our funny looking characters on top of his urban apocalypse.

Our New Member:

LBP has added a new member - Crumz. He made his debut on March 9th at the Represent show at Someday Lounge.

New Residence:

LBP's home living has made a change to N. Portland; its an actual house. So that means that our backyard board construct will now become bigger. For those that haven't seen the last piece before the move --


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